Technical Excellence

Our reputation for successfully collaborating and negotiating with regulators, counsel, and other technical experts comes from our experience working with regulators and our knowledge of the science, industry standards, and regulations. By developing and proposing innovative and safe alternative work practices, which have often become adopted as best practices in our industry, we consistently save our clients time and money, while cultivating a team approach. Various regulatory authorities have quickly and consistently approved our plans and procedures, often with nominal comment or request for revisions.

An example project is the closure of an 80-acre former Petroleum Technology Center in Littleton, Colorado. For this project, Landmark developed and implemented a precedent-setting approach to asbestos and mercury in soils mitigation. The client received the U.S. EPA Environmental Excellence Award for Voluntary and Significant Cleanup for this project in 2006, and it has become the industry standard for outdoor asbestos remediation projects in Colorado.