SafetyWe consider safety paramount. Clients and employees can be assured that safety is at the forefront of every project. To us, health and safety are not only policies, but the foundation of every aspect of our work.

Our dedication to safety not only benefits our employees but reassures our clients that our performance throughout a project life cycle is strong and safe. We have completed over 400,000 project hours over a decade without incident. Our commitment to safety has earned us recognition from regulators and clients.

Our goal is zero workplace incidents and we promote our safety culture by:

  • Submerging our employees into our safety culture starting on the first day of employment.
  • Establishing continuous training.
  • Strict adherence to regulations and standards.
  • Reporting any injury, no matter how minor.
  • Reporting near misses.
  • Making safety the routine way of doing work.
  • Developing and managing Loss Prevention Plans.