Residential Indoor Air Quality Assessment—Colorado Department of Transportation Materials and Testing Laboratory

Closely coordinated air quality evaluations within a large residential neighborhood.

Landmark successfully completed a two-year project involving Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) evaluations within a large residential neighborhood of apartment complexes and single-family homes. The project was performed to assess the effectiveness of Corrective Actions associated with past releases of volatile organic compounds (VOC) from the Colorado Department of Transportation’s (CDOT) Materials and Testing Laboratory. This project was closely coordinated with health department authorities and included extensive interaction with residents and other stakeholders. Implementation of the project included quarterly indoor air monitoring, data evaluation, quality assurance programs, and data dissemination.

Project Highlights

  • Successfully negotiated with the regulatory agency to reduce indoor air sampling frequency from quarterly to semi-annually, resulting in reduced sampling costs while maintaining monitoring effectiveness.
  • Developed communication plans and procedures that promoted effective public relations and community involvement.