Landmark provides high-value consulting services for commercial and industrial facilities in all phases of redevelopment or rehabilitation project life cycles from initial acquisition due diligence to permitting and rehabilitation or development planning, designing and managing abatement, demolition or remediation, and final site restoration or transaction.

Our redevelopment services breathe life into your project by focusing on practical and sustainable solutions. The company’s services focus on the reuse of environmentally contaminated sites by identifying, managing, coordinating, disposing, and remediating site contaminants and any associated environmental liabilities.

We offer sustainable solutions for redevelopment projects that involve unique practices utilizing recycled materials in soils to increase structural strength for redevelopment sites.

Our redevelopment services are preferred among our clients because we:

  • Provide accurate and objective transaction due diligence and property condition assessments.
  • Provide demolition, asset recovery, and integrated property re-use and redevelopment services.
  • Develop unique, cost-effective remedies for site-specific needs.
  • Focus on recycling and re-using building materials.
  • Analyze all waste for optimal re-use and recovery opportunities.
  • Ensure projects are completed without environmental liabilities.