Environmental Remediation—Picatinny Arsenal

Industrial Hygiene Assessments conducted in close concert with Explosives Safety Surveys in 82 Buildings at a 200-year-old Arsenal.

Picatinny Arsenal is the oldest continually operating arsenal in the United States and specializes in advanced conventional weapon systems and advanced ammunition life cycle management, research, development, and acquisition. As a team member for the Facilities Reduction Program (FRP), Landmark conducted asbestos, lead, PCB, and Other Regulated Material (ORM) Surveys at 82 structures operated since the Korean War. The ORM assessment included assessments and inventory of hundreds of locations with stored chemicals and chemicals/oils in process systems, lighting wastes, and refrigerants. Because this project included numerous areas with hidden materials and unforeseen conditions, Landmark’s robust project controls and quality assurance focused on safety and addressed specific investigation-related data-gap concerns that were proactively identified by our experienced personnel. These project controls were adopted by other team members. A key success of this project was our ability to anticipate hidden materials and address them through destructive sampling and other means. Following completion of the site characterization surveys, Landmark developed facility abatement and hazardous materials removal cost estimates and work plans for these large and complex abatement projects.