Oil & Gas

Our clients in the oil & gas (O&G) industry continually face the challenges of rapidly growing operational costs and other economic factors, while striving to be good environmental stewards. We understand that safety is the driving force in O&G operations and our team makes safety the priority in our work. Our safety statistics surpass all industry standards and we consistently have excellent Experience Modification Rates (EMRs).

We strive for balance between risk management and operational effectiveness. The regulatory requirements for the O&G industry can be complex and stringent; our in-depth understanding and hands-on experience with regulators allow us to provide companies with valuable insight and solutions.

Landmark specializes in the management, in-field abatement, and operations and maintenance for asbestos on legacy pipelines. We offer practical services in assessing the condition of pipelines and wrap; overseeing compliant excavation of affected pipelines for salvage, re-use, or disposal; and the abatement of friable asbestos that has separated from the pipelines.

We provide industrial hygiene and environmental services during demolition, refurbishment, or re-use of refineries and other production and transmission assets. Our work has successfully supported extension of the useful life and optimization of refining capacity at numerous facilities nationwide. We have a long history of safely working with asbestos and other hazardous materials during facility decommissioning or upgrades, and we profoundly understand the regulations.