A major challenge for industries today is achieving compliance while controlling costs and remaining competitive. We help our clients develop direct solutions to address these challenges without sacrificing production or profitability.

Through responsiveness and technical excellence, we overcome the demands and obstacles of acquiring assets and facilities, optimizing facility operations, or extending site life cycles. Our customer focus, strong culture of accountability, and nimbleness will help you through environmental or safety challenges at all phases of a project, including planning, operations, process improvement, closure, and decommissioning.

We have extensive experience in industrial hygiene and environmental engineering, with a focus on safety, at a wide variety of industrial and manufacturing sites nationwide. The diligence and caring of our subject matter experts and capable technicians, who are thoroughly familiar with federal and state regulations, will allow you to successfully navigate regulatory requirements at an affordable cost.

Our staff facilitates:

  • Planning—by conducting site assessments, designing construction/abatement documents, preparing permits, and performing sampling.
  • Compliance—by conducting air quality assessments, process safety evaluation, monitoring permit requirements, conducting facility and safety audits, and providing safety training.
  • Waste management—by properly managing hazardous and solid waste from the time of generation to disposal, preparing Hazardous Waste Reports and annual Toxic Release Inventory Reports.
  • Closure—by decommissioning facilities, performing environmental remediation, and providing industrial hygiene and safety oversight of process enhancement or demolition and abatement activities.
  • Data management and geographic information systems (GIS)—through integration of global positioning system (GPS) data, computer aided design (CAD) drawings, and relational databases.