Flyash Re-use—Future Industrial Site

Promoting re-use of fly ash for beneficial purposes in sustainable development, resulting in reduction of both landfill wastes and costs.

The goal of this project was to use fly ash from Xcel Power Plants and expansive clay from a previous demolition project to increase the elevation and structural strength of the site for future industrial development. The re-use of these materials eliminates the common practice of disposing of them in landfills. When expansive clay is combined with ash in a 50/50 ratio it has been shown that the resulting mix increases the structural strength of the clay making it structurally suitable for road base, slope stability, and building foundations.

Landmark developed a Design and Operations (DO) Plan to support the project, which was accepted by CDPHE. Landmark was responsible for monitoring groundwater and soils for metals. The results consistently show the groundwater has not been contaminated by this process. The site has been monitored regularly since completion.