Expert Opinion—Crude Oil Pipeline

Achieved results by providing technical experts during the successful resolution of major lawsuit regarding Clean Air Act violations at a major crude oil pipeline.

Landmark was retained to provide independent and objective expert litigation support regarding claims of Clean Air Act violations that were reported to have occurred during upgrades to 40 miles of major crude oil transmission lines that transected critical wildlife habitats. Landmark reviewed historic and updated industrial hygiene management programs and surveys that were instated before and after the event, Standard Operating Procedures, and other applicable documents related to the testimony on the matter.

Through our evaluation Landmark concluded that the client’s safety and environmental programs exceeded industry standards of care associated with applicable federal occupational safety and health rules for identification and communication of hazards and that responses were conducted in a thorough manner and that the potential hazards associated with emissions were very low and posed minimal adverse impact to the environment. Landmark provided a written expert opinion regarding the oil company’s compliance with U.S. EPA Clean Air Act and National Emissions Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants, which supported successful resolution of the claims against the client by governmental agencies. Landmark supported development of effective procedural and administrative controls to prevent future NESHAP violations from occurring.