Decontamination & Demolition Management—Petroleum Technology Center

Landmark’s precedent-setting Materials Management Plans for closure of an 80-acre Petroleum Research facility recognized by U.S. EPA for Significant Achievement.

During this six-year facility de-activation and decommissioning project, Landmark conducted environmental due diligence, developed project specifications for decommissioning, and provided industrial hygiene and abatement management services for building demolition and soils remediation to support closure of the 80-acre former Petroleum Technology Center in Colorado. The client received the U.S. EPA Environmental Excellence Award for Voluntary and Significant Cleanup in 2006. The asbestos in soils program Landmark developed for the site was later incorporated into newly promulgated Solid Waste Regulations in the Colorado Revised Statues.

Landmark began the project as a subcontractor, subsequently was contracted direct with the owner, and was retained later to be the Prime Contractor with full control of site operations and regulatory programs. We evaluated and performed cost benefits analysis for the waste management and recycling processes and supported implementation of waste consolidation.