Spent Lime Recycling—Industrial Site

Design and implementation of the first successful state-approved sugar beet spent lime recycling project at the Leprino Foods Site in Greeley, Colorado.

Landmark evaluated the effectiveness, feasibility, and cost of recycling spent lime derived from the sugar beet process for use as a structural fill by performing analytical testing of the recycled lime and performing bench scale performing bench scale and pilot scale testing of several mixtures of the spent lime with soil of several mixtures of the spent lime with soil. After analytical testing confirmed the spent lime was not an environmental concern, the optimum ratio of recycled lime to soil was identified through geotechnical testing.

Once the positive bench scale and pilot scale geotechnical results were identified a Design and Operations (DO) Plan was prepared to support the recycling and beneficial use of recycled lime to increase the structural strength of the lime by blending the lime with granular soil. The focus of DO Plan was to describe how the recycled lime would be placed on two separate properties. The DO Plan was approved by Colorado Department of Public Health (CDPHE) in 2009 and the project is currently under construction.

Because of the location of one of the sites relative to the flood plain and the planned design to elevate the property with the recycled lime mixture a Conditional Letter of Map Revision Based on Fill was prepared for and approved by Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

Overall this project was a tremendous success and is currently one of the leading examples in CDPHE’s recycling program.