Environmental Policy

Landmark Environmental will pursue environmental excellence, innovation, and sustainability in all of our client service offerings as well as our in-house practices. We apply the principles of excellence, innovation, and sustainability in our work for clients, which means we:

  • Strive to cost-effectively meet or exceed the requirements of environmental laws, regulations, and permits;
  • Flawlessly perform all environmental sampling and analysis activities;
  • Recommend environmentally sound technologies;
  • Seek to minimize corporate risk and liability arising from environmental issues; and
  • Consider such issues as energy efficiency, waste minimization, pollution prevention, new technologies, emission reductions, and resource conservation in our analyses, advice, and designs.

Internally, Landmark’s sustainability practices are being continuously enhanced to help minimize the company’s environmental footprint, reduce costs, and enrich the work experience of our employees. Landmark strives to:

  • Conduct our operations in compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and standards concerning environmental protection;
  • Operate our facilities and conduct company activities taking into consideration the efficient use of energy and materials;
  • Reduce and, where possible, eliminate waste through recycling, and handle and dispose of all waste through safe and responsible methods;
  • Promote employee awareness of environmental concerns, actions, and responsibilities through our programs and various communication channels;
  • Continually improve our environmental program, related policies, and performance, based on the results of our periodic reviews; and
  • Ensure that company management is fully informed about pertinent environmental issues.