Demolition Management

Demolition ManagementWe design programs that allow clients to walk away from sites/facilities after demolition completion without future environmental implications. For over 10 years, Landmark has provided decontamination and demolition services at industrial plants, federal facilities and other large structures, and sites contaminated with waste streams.

Using our up-to-date safety programs, we safely and efficiently provide oversight for dismantling building components, removing hazardous materials, demolishing structures, and remediating contaminated properties.

Our demolition management include:

  • Pre-Demolition Planning and Permitting
  • Contract and Specification Development Support
  • Demolition Monitoring and Oversight
  • Emission Monitoring and Control
  • Site Safety Audits
  • Hazardous/Regulated Materials Identification and Management
  • Materials Segregation and Waste Minimization Support