Demolition Management—Aurora Medical Center

Rapid-response, on-call abatement oversight and monitoring services during numerous abatement projects.

Landmark performed a facility-wide comprehensive asbestos containing material (ACM) survey and developed and implemented an effective and efficient asbestos Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Program for the Aurora Medical Center. Asbestos, mold, and other Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)-related projects were safely performed during a five-year period in which the facility was fully operational, and completed in access controlled patient and staff occupied areas of the hospital, including Operating Room, Emergency Room, and Clean Room environments.

Project Highlights

  • The ACM Survey and abatement work was performed so that critical facility operations were not disrupted.
  • The O&M Program included design and implementation of practices and procedures for the ACM to remain in place until removal was required, minimizing operating and life cycle costs.
  • During O&M Program implementation, no uncontrolled ACM disturbance or damage occurred.
  • Facility specific management and cleaning methods were developed to enable on-site personnel to conduct many types of work, thereby lowering operational costs and minimizing the potential for ACM disturbance.
  • Landmark provided rapid response, on-call abatement oversight and monitoring services during numerous abatement projects.
  • The project included communication program support, coordination of safety and environmental protection, and responses to FAQs from hospital staff.
  • Air monitoring for asbestos, particulates, and biological materials (mold and bacteria) was conducted to ensure protection of workers, staff and patients.
  • Abatement project cost containment was accomplished through competitive bidding and minimization of scope uncertainties.