Abatement Management—County Courthouse Renovation

Implemented safety programs that enabled multiple trades to work in close concert with environmental abatement during historical preservation, resulting in an expedited project schedule with lower abatement costs.  

A county courthouse in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, was undergoing a significant renovation. Portions of the courthouse had lead based paint (LBP) and asbestos containing materials (ACM). Landmark performed asbestos and lead investigations to determine areas requiring abatement prior to renovation.

A Health and Safety Plan was developed for the abatement establishing safe work practices to eliminate lead and asbestos exposures. Landmark conducted asbestos and lead hazard awareness training course for contractor employees.

Landmark’s abatement oversight included air monitoring during abatement operations. Final clearance air monitoring and final post demolition housekeeping visual inspections were performed to confirm that all dusts and debris had been removed from the demolition area.